About Us

We've Been Diving in La Jolla Cove for Over 30 Years

About Us

We’ve Been Diving in La Jolla Cove for Over 30 Years

It all began when Marvin and Ken wanted to rent a SeaScooter.

After some research, we realized that our only option was to purchase a SeaScooter at a buzz killing price of $699.

They thought about how cool it would be to take an Electric SeaScooter to La Jolla and explore the reserve. Unfortunately, they soon realized such an option was not available. They were disappointed to say the least, but that’s how La Jolla Snorkeling Tour was born.

The idea was simple, take people out on a guided tour through the breath-taking underwater views of the kelp, sea-life, and caves without them having to worry about maintenance and storage of expensive equipment.

We have a lot of fun giving these tours
and helping people have a great time!

We have a lot of fun giving these tours and helping people have a great time!

“Highly recommend this for anybody in La Jolla area. the sea scooters were a lot more than I expected and were easy to use and really picked up speed. We went from catching lobsters to exploring the caves of the coast. The staff really show that they love what they do.”

Nathan G.

“If y’all want a unique amazing way to snorkel and see the beautiful La Jolla caves, this is what you have to do!!! Marvin was amazing!!! He was a great tour guide and we learned a lot about the area. The Sea-Doo scooters were SOOOOO cool!! We covered so much “ground” in 2 hours and it was nice and relaxing since the scooters actually float. This is the only way I want to snorkel ever again. We will be back!”

Nathan G.

“Mother of all snorkeling places. Stop here and enjoy a man who has been doing this with his brother in this area for over 30 years and gives not only customer service but a guaranteed adventure to boot. Bring nothing except your bathing suit as he supplies everything necessary to have a good time PLUS one more thing that is a stand-out shout-out. He provides a underwater scooter that propels you up, down left or right and comes in handy after an hour or so and you are tired, hungry and wanting to get back! Just aim the scooter toward home and off you go all the way to the shore. For value, fun and memories (he takes pictures), look no further and no need to worry about affordability. Great family and friends fun plus lots of friendly people there too. Call your group of friends to plan and commit to this adventure and then Call Marvin or Adam.”

Richard Alan N.

“Great experience. I joined the group at the cove and (being a mobile service ) they had everything I needed. The scooter is the only way to snorkel. Caves were cool. Thanks for a great trip.”

Erik H.

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